Spectacular Computer Repair "Special Offers"

Spectacular Computer Repair offers various coupons and special offers from time to time. You can return to this page to view the different offers available.

Current Spectacular Computer Repair Specials

  1. Free Computer Evaluation:

    Spectacular Computer Repair offers free computer evaluations every day with all services. Are you wondering why your computer is acting up however you don't really want to pay for someone to look at your computer and then pay them again to repair it as well? That's okay, here at SCR we believe that if you are having services performed by us, we will review and evaluate your computer free of charge. See our Computer Evaluations page for more detailed information.

  2. Free 30 Days of Phone Technical Support:

    Spectacular Computer Repair offers 30 calendar days of free phone technical support with all services. At SCR we believe that you should have free support available to you for a period of up to 30 days after your service for any questions that you have. This will help you install any additional software, printers, and questions in general that you may have after your services are performed without the concern of having to pay the computer repair company more money within that time frame for those answers. This does not include any new additional services that may be requested or required.

  3. Free 30 Days Warranty:

    Spectacular Computer Repair offers you a free 30 calendar day warranty on all of our service work. This is at no additional charge to you. SCR will be the sole determiner whether an issue is a warranted issue. Detailed warranty information is provided to all clients with approved services.

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