B2B I.T. Solutions (Formerly Spectacular Computer Repair) "Company Profile"

  1. Company Introduction:

    Since the 1990's B2B I.T. Solutions has been providing computer repair, networking and service solutions to clients throughout the greater Sarasota area, Osprey, Venice and Bradenton. B2B I.T. focuses on providing complete service solutions to individuals and businesses in order to maintain productivity and efficiency at its maximum. Our unique work philosophy concentrates on all aspects of repair and servicing of computer systems and not simply isolated issues.

    B2B I.T. sets new standards in solutions provision through our business model of "Pay by the job - Not by the hour". Using this approach we are able to cover all aspects of systems repair that are needed without being confined to the restrictions of hourly billing, setting B2B I.T. apart from all its competitors.

  2. B2B I.T. Products:

    Our range of products and ancillaries complement our service provision and help provide our clients with safety for their important data and long lasting care for their computer systems. B2B I.T. Solutions offers a range of high quality products available both in store and on site to assist with your computer or network needs. Our range includes but is not limited to:

    • External hard drives for data storage and recovery.
    • Hard drive enclosures.
    • New replacement drives.
    • Notebook coolers.
    • Computer cleaning and care products.
    • Power surge protectors.
    • Cables and connectors.

  3. B2B I.T. Services:

    On site servicing and repair allow us to address your computer issues at your home or office without the need to bring your machines to us. Our on site services provide the ideal platform for us to assess and correct computer and network issues in the environment where you work. Our certified technicians will diagnose the issues you are experiencing with your computer or network and give you a clear idea of what is involved and the best route to follow to repair any problems found.

  4. B2B I.T. Solutions Technicians

  5. B2B I.T. Support:

    Same day site and store service lets you get up and running when you can't afford downtime and puts you in control when you need it most.

    With B2B I.T. you "Pay by the job - Not by the hour". Our evaluation services allow us to properly determine what may be causing issues before beginning work and offer a complete solution. You remain in control all the way, by being able to make an informed decision as to what you need done and exactly how much is involved to correct the issue.

    All our services and repairs are backed by our free 30 day warranty and free 30 day phone technical support.

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    See us, review us and find us on Thumbtack.com. B2B I.T. is part of the ever popular Thumbtack. View our profile here: B2B I.T. Solutions

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