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What is a computer evaluation?

Answer: A computer evaluation is the process that determines the details of the specific problem issues happening on your computer and all costs involved when B2B repairs these issues.

Why have your professional computer evaluation performed by B2B?

Answer: B2B I.T. Solutions' unique and proven methods allow you to take control over the repair or servicing of your computer. We have introduced a new method of computer repair to the industry not dared by other computer service companies: "Pay by the job - NOT by the hour".

Our computer evaluation service allows us to:

  1. Properly evaluate and determine what may be causing issues on or in your computer before beginning any servicing work.
  2. Interact on a user-friendly and non-technical level with you; the end user. We explain items in non-technical terms. Any technical terms are fully explained in a non-technical manner.
  3. Offer the best and most cost effective course of action for the repair of your computer.
  4. Keep you in full control of the repairing of your computer.
  5. Give you, the most important person, the proper tools to make an educated and well informed decision as to what services you would like to have B2B I.T. Solutions perform.
  6. Show you exactly what the issue is to help prevent this same issue from happening in the future.

When and where do you perform this evaluation?

Answer: As a standard, we perform this evaluation directly in front of you either remotely or in the comfort of your own home or business with requested onsite service.

Is there a cost for the computer evaluation?

Answer: As long as you have the servicing work performed with B2B to repair the issues on your computer, the computer evaluation is 100% free of charge. However, if you decide not to have any servicing work performed by B2B I.T. Solutions on the computer or if we repair the issue whilst evaluating the computer there is a charge for that Computer Evaluation on a per computer basis. Please call for details for charges involved with a computer evaluation.

How long does the computer evaluation take?

Answer: On average this computer evaluation takes 5 - 20 minutes. However, depending on the severity of your computer's issues the computer evaluation can be less than or exceed more than the time frame stated above. We ask that you put aside a minimal of 20 minutes when requesting your computer evaluation. Please allow an additional 15 minutes for your written evaluation results in the event that you proceed with services.

Is a computer evaluation guaranteed to detect all of my issues?

Answer: No. A computer evaluation is a visual verbal evaluation only. An evaluation is never a replacement for running hardware diagnostics, Trojan/viral, adware, spyware, malware or any other diagnostic scanning tools. Only those tools can pinpoint an exact issue happening on the computer. B2B will run those tools upon request however there are additional fees for running those types of tools.

B2B I.T. Solutions Evaluations

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