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Linda Carson and Wayne Leiser: Inteview about Conflicker/Conficker Worm

Linda Carson of Channel News 7 contacted B2B I.T. Solutions in question about performing an interview about the latest and possibly most deadliest worm currently to hit the Internet; the Conficker worm. Wayne Leiser, CTO of B2B I.T. Solutions having studied the worm and the devastating effects this worm can have agreed with the interview.

Wayne Leiser (Pronounced: Lizer):

Mr. Leiser is one of the most well respected computer experts in his field. His authority, dedication to the companies clientele and passion for his field keep him above the average person in his field. Mr. Leiser takes an interest in Viral elimination keeping that his specialty. He has developed methods and protocols to ensure your virus can be eradicated and even developed more protocols to be able to pinpoint whether or not a viral elimination is the correct action for your computer.

Linda Carson:

Ms. Carson is as wonderful on camera as she is off camera. Her questions and forthwrite attitude and wonderful personality only credit and back up her professionalism when performing an interview. Ms. Carson is an excellent person both in person and on camera.

Please feel free to view the interview to the rightside of the screen.

Can I interview with B2B I.T. Solutions?

Answer: Wayne is always happy to perform interviews if the time is available. Please contact the front desk to arrange a time at 941.923.6280.

Interview with Linda Carson Channel 7 News

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