B2B I.T. Solutions "Remote Service"

B2B I.T. Solutions (B2B) offers you the ultimate in convenience and service. Provided your internet connection is active and available, you have the ability to have a B2B technician assess and evaluate your computer issues without even leaving your seat. All you need is your phone and a credit card.

* Remote access service and support gives you the option of having a professional, B2B certified technician remotely connect to, evaluate and if necessary, repair your computer right in front of your eyes without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Your personal data safety and security is always ensured via our one time only permission based access to your computer.

* B2B's expert technicians will quickly and conveniently evaluate, pinpoint and if authorized by you, repair any issues your computer may have while you watch. No personal information is ever accessed while we work on your computer.

If B2B cannot provide service in this way for whatever reason you have all of our alternate options at your disposal. One simple call can have a technician at your door within a few hours at a time that is convenient for you. We will be pleased to arrange a personal consultation at your convenience. Carry in service to a B2B repair center is always a cost effective solution as well.

*See B2B privacy policy for more information.

B2B Corporate Services

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