Spectacular Computer Repair "Same Day Service"

Need your computer or network repaired immediately?

Cannot afford downtime and/or lost productivity?

A call to our Spectacular Computer Repair (SCR) staff is your saving grace. Same day service is available with SCR either in our repair shop or at your home or office.

What to consider when choosing Same Day Computer Repair Service

Answer: Once you specifically request same day service and authorize us to repair or service your computer, by agreeing and signing our work order agreement, we apply the time frame indicated below:

  • Your computer will be serviced and ready for collection the same day you leave it with us for servicing, provided we receive the and check in the computer before 3 pm on that day. Should there be any computer received and checked in after 3 pm this will be ready for collection the following business day.

Spectacular Computer Repair will give you and your computer priority attention where our technicians and our company will have your computer repaired within a few hours and as a result, same day service items are charged at a higher rate than regular service.

Our standard business hours of operation are:

Monday thru Thursday - 11AM to 7PM
Friday thru Saturday - 11AM to 3PM

Important Notes:

  1. The times listed above are dependent on availability of parts for your computer or hardware being available. Lead times begin on receipt of parts by SCR.

  2. When you request same day service and authorize SCR to proceed you also authorize SCR to purchase all hardware and parts needed to complete the services you have requested without further notification or authorization to you. Furthermore, you authorize SCR to repair any other issues on the computer that are stopping SCR technicians from fulfilling their obligations without notification to you and agree to pay for those additional repairs upon picking your computer up.

  3. All services and / or repairs are subject to our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which will be provided to you upon signing of a work order agreement, authorizing SCR to carry out servicing or repair of your computer.

Same Day Computer Repair Services

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